A Route Through Fortaleza Beaches

To enjoy everything that Fortaleza and the surrounding area has to offer you need a lot of pique! a boat trip along the urban waterfront of Fortaleza is excellent for those who want to do a quiet program and enjoy the capital of Ceará from a different angle: the sea. Located on the seafront of Marambaia beach, Dom Pedro Laguna exudes sophistication with luxurious accommodations, a swimming pool and Ceará’s only 18-hole golf course.

At Av. Beira-Mar in Fortaleza, which passes by the main beaches of the city, we recommend taking the time to walk along the sidewalk, ride a bicycle, take a picture with the statue of Iracema, walk along Espigão de Iracema, which has a beautiful visibility to the sunset, and at night do some shopping at the Beira Mar Handicraft Fair, which is in Meireles.

We will also circulate through the handicraft centers, one of the postcards of the Northeastern capitals and, finally, we will take a day out on the beautiful beaches of Fortaleza. first day in Fortaleza can be booked to know the main attractions of the central region of the city, such as the traditional Central Market of Fortaleza, which gathers almost 600 stores full of handicrafts and typical products for very interesting values.

In five or six days, you can get to know the main points of interest in the region and even take trips to beaches further away from the coast of Ceará. Fortaleza has a wide hotel chain both in its urban perimeter and in beaches and nearby cities, which also offer good stays, comfort and luxury. We know that in Fortaleza or any other capital you will find numerous companies offering this type of tour, but we also decided to create our own tour.

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There are several bars in Fortaleza for those who like to enjoy the night, some are more elegant, like Giz, Moleskine and Boteco Praia (ultimate for a late afternoon after enjoying the sea), others are more popular, such as those around do Dragão do Mar, good choice for a pleased hour. Still, we invite you to visit some of these beaches in the city because, besides the sea, they have a lot to offer visitors.

With almost three decades of existence, the Av. Beira-Mar Handicraft Fair is one of the best places to buy handicrafts in Fortaleza and one of the places that does not go unnoticed in the tourists’ itinerary. In the middle of Praia do Futuro, one of the most popular in Fortaleza, Crocobeach escapes the simplicity of beach kiosks and presents a super structure.

Morro Branco Beach, on the other hand, reserves dunes, impressive cliffs and handicraft shops, in addition to also allowing for an incredible buggy ride that traverses the natural beauty of the scenery. Resort Parque das Fontes is located in Beberibe, about 85 km from Fortaleza. Chopp do Bixiga is very traditional and is located inside the Dragão do Mar Cultural Center.

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In addition to the bars, clubs and beaches, Fortaleza also has tourist attractions and cultural tours, such as Dragão do Mar Cultural Center, José de Alencar Theater and the Metropolitan Cathedral of Fortaleza. Praia da Fontes is one of the main beaches in Beberibe, about 12 km from Fortaleza.

Other interesting tours are Museu da Gente Sergipana, which tells the native story in an impeccable way, Palácio Olímpio Campos, which is incredibly lit at night, Oceanário de Aracaju, which is part of the Tamar project, and the island of Atalaia, one of the main cards -posts.

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