All the Details of the Costa do Descobrimento Beaches

Located on the South Coast of Bahia, part of the Discovery Coast and Porto Seguro district, Trancoso is one of the most coveted destinations among Bahian beaches. By day there are countless beaches available and at night point is famous Beco das Garrafas and the charming Praça da Matriz of Nossa Senhora da Purificação, both interconnected, where visitors and the native population converge to enjoy, among other things, good music – singers and musicians perform in the street, close to bars and restaurants, and strive to please the public.

Another option to eat well and at a lower price than in Beco restaurants is the Mãezinha Pau-ferro tent, a wooden structure located on the very sand, in Praia do Centro, a few meters from the church square. Porto Seguro is the best known destination on the Discovery Coast with stunning beauty, such as colorful cliffs, Atlantic Forest vegetation and coral reefs.

Protagonist of one of the biggest tragedies in the world with crude oil spills at sea, the United Kingdom is supporting Brazilian investigations on the origin of the environmental tragedy that punishes the beaches of the Northeast. Starting at the top of the Discovery Coast, we have the city of Belmonte, 580 km south of Salvador and 60 km from Porto Seguro. Following the journey, you will cross the ferry to get from Santo André to Santa Cruz Cabrália, Santa Cruz Cabrália, 20 km away from Porto Seguro, which has immense importance for the history of Brazilian colonization.

The main attractions there are the beaches, such as Praia da Caieira, considered one of the most beautiful in the region, with its immense mangrove, and Praia do Mar Moreno, the busiest in Belmonte. If you are traveling by car, you can take a stroll to visit the charming villages of Costa do Descobrimento. In addition to the beaches that are in the city, there are dozens of others nearby.

In summer, the most popular are a tour of the Jucuruçu River and a trip to the Guaratibas Reefs, a grand and beautiful set of reefs in the middle of the sea. Tours are organized according to the tide, which is why schedules always change. Those looking for even more comfort and sophistication can stay at the Costa Brasilis Resort, DI-VI-NO, all inclusive, which faces the beautiful Santo André Beach.

The Discovery Coast is highly recommended for those who enjoy adventure tourism and ecotourism. In the small town, you will not find so many accommodation options, having to opt more for Pousada Rio, with daily rates starting at R $ 90, or preferring to stay in Canavieiras, which is 20 km away. There is a great risk that the spots will advance to the beaches of Porto Seguro and Abrolhos, according to technicians who monitor the oil route at all times.

Between Arraial d’Ajuda and Trancoso is one of the most amazing beaches in the world: Praia do Espelho. As a differential, Canto do Rio offers, in addition to the proximity to Beco das Garrafas, the most beautiful sunset in the city, as it is on the banks of the Jucuruçu River and the stunning rich and preserved mangrove.

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