Canoa Quebrada Beach – Your vacation starts here!

Canoa quebrada is one of the most spectacular beaches in Ceará and today a tourist destination that interests travelers from all over Brazil. Best cost-benefit ratio of Canoa Quebrada is ideal for those who like beaches with less tents and kiosks, and prefer to spend the day in less touristy places, which are usually frequented by people who live in the region. Excellent hotel, one of the best, if not the best, in a broken canoe.

Known as the beach of high spirits ”, Canoa Quebrada is located 163 km from Fortaleza, in the municipality of Aracati – east coast. With calm and warm waters, the beach of Canoa quebrada is surrounded by cliffs, and has a structure of tents and kiosks so that you can spend the day relaxing and snacking. At Canoa Quebrada beach, the rustic rafts continue to cross the greenish sea, while the multicolored formations spread out in all directions.

Of all the inns in Canoa that we have stayed, this was the best in all aspects. The place has a beautiful landscape, surrounded by carnauba trees, which are typical plants of the region, the colorful tents complete the landscape of the beach, which has a long strip of soft sand, and excellent waters for a bath.

In the Canoa Quebrada region, Peroba is very popular with surfers looking for the strong waves that the beach offers. My third time in Canoa Quebrada and I couldn’t have chosen a better option. And to get to know and have some really cool photos, take the buggy or ATV tours.

Usually Ponta Grossa and visited by buggy rides, the beach is just over 50 kilometers from Canoa quebrada, and has red cliffs and rock formations. Visitors will be able to take one of the most beautiful buggy rides (ticket not included) on our coast or delight in admiring the high seas, on a wonderful raft ride (ticket not included), or even fly over the beach on a paragliding tour (ticket not included).

what to do in a broken canoe
To really get to know Canoa, you have to stay at least one night, because the beach is authorized, with its beautiful cliffs, but the night is also very busy on Broadway, and visiting a canoe without visiting Broadway would not know Canoa completely. There is no better place to stay in Canoa Quebrada. In addition to the beautiful beaches, the city has an excellent structure for tourists’ entertainment, with local handicrafts, buggy rides, and kiosks to enjoy the native beauty.

With white sand, and more isolated, the beach has little structure, and is a fishing village surrounded by tall coconut trees. A working group was created and the city officials involved together with volunteers have already collected more than a thousand kilos of oil and sand from the beaches of Sabiaguaba, Prainha, Caponga, Aracati, Paracuru, Paraipaba, Canoa Quebrada, Barreiras, Praia das Fontes and Morro Branco .

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