Discover the Best Beaches in Maragogi

Maceió has incredible beaches both within its urban area, which is difficult in large centers, and in the metropolitan region, which makes the sunny days – which are many throughout the year – a difficulty to choose where you will enjoy shade and fresh water in surroundings. Access to the beach is difficult and is only possible by boat or walking – when the tide is low.

Village 100 km from the capital and 20 km from Maragogi has a paradisiacal look, with a passionate sea of ​​warm waters. One of the most beautiful beaches in Maceió ”, wrote a user. Altogether, it has more than 20 natural pools, very transparent and blue.

World famous and one of the most beautiful in Brazil, Gunga beach is 49 km from Maceió. This option unites the best of all worlds: a greenish sea that also forms natural pools at low tide; beautiful look; and complete infrastructure, with showers, waterfront and seaside golf. In the morning the tide is very low and you have to walk a bit to get there. As ‘terrain’ is very flat, it is possible to go deep into the sea, ”wrote one user.

what to do in maragogi with high tide
Described as a native of calm, warm waters and with a beautiful view of coconut trees, Praia dos Carneiros also has natural pools that are formed during low tide. At low tide, sandbanks are formed that facilitate access to the natural pools, in a 1 km walk, without the need for boats – and consequently an extra cost – for this task.

what to do in maragogi with high tide
Still within Maceió, towards the north coast, is the almost forgotten Garça Torta beach, one of the most beautiful in the city. Maragogi is superb for diving, made in calm, warm and crystalline waters, where you can see corals and even wrecked boats. Just 30 km from Maceió, destination of Marechal Deodoro is successful due to the French beach. Away from buildings, this place attracts many tourists looking for natural pools and waves ideal for surfers.

Things to do in Maragogi and Porto de Galinhas
At low tide, sand banks are formed in the sea of ​​warm and calm waters, facilitating access to the natural pools. Coruripe municipality is home to an important local power plant, but its main attraction is the beautiful Pontal beach, part of the largest coastline in Alagoas. One of the most famous in the state, Pajuçara is also very popular with tourists during the high season, due to its infrastructure and the raft rides that lead to the natural pools, about 2 km from the coast.

The region is known for the variety of marine species, with emphasis on the preservation of manatees, and for its galleys, similar to those of Maragogi. Tourists recommend places for the landscape, the beach and for having a large number of kiosks and vendors.

Destination is also often visited by boat trips, leaving Praia de Pipa, to see dolphins. Surrounded by red cliffs up to 15 meters high, which give the native a more wild setting, the beach has not only sea, but also a freshwater lagoon at one end. Visitors say that at low tide natural pools are formed.

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