Discover The Best Christmas Beaches

Natal is known as the Brazilian capital of buggy rides, where you need to arrive prepared to choose between knowing the dunes with emotion or without emotion ”. Natal Rio Grande do Norte has enchanted tourists for centuries and was elected the most sought after destination in 2015, due to its lush landscapes.

It is in Praia da Areia Preta that you also find the famous sundial, a huge clock that measures the hours according to the position of the sun. You will find a beach suitable for bathers and small natural pools.

Be sure to also visit the Praia dos Artistas Handicraft Center In addition to checking out the beautiful work of artisans from all over Rio Grande do Norte, you can also try typical local delicacies. sunsets are also much talked about, as is Pipa Sanctuary, which since 1991 has been serving the public with trails and degrees of difficulty between number one and four.

the most beautiful beaches of natal rn
Praia dos Artistas has a long strip of stone that is immersed when the tide is full.

Carne is located in the locality and is among the best restaurants in the region, in addition to the Camarões Potiguar establishment, which has one of the most varied menus in the region in the seafood business. One of the postcards of Rio Grande do Norte, and also of Natal, are the Dunes of Genipabu. The huge mounds of fine and clear sand dominate the landscape and contrast with the blue-green waters of the sea and the Genipabu River, which crosses the region.

It all starts with a trip to the beach of Maracajaú, to be more precise to Manoa Park (about 60 kilometers from Natal), and continues by sea by boat to the parrachos. Despite being in another city (Pirangi do Norte), you won’t even notice that you left the center of Natal to get here.

what to do in natal in one day
Leaving Ponta Negra Beach, we will find Praia dos Artistas, which is one of the most popular in the capital. Under water, coral formations form huge marine life nurseries, where hundreds of species reproduce and feed. Unlike many Natal beaches, in Areia Preta you find a sea that is always calm and with few waves.

Among the restaurants that specialize in service and portions, the highlight is between two giants there: famous Cameroon and historic Manary There is also a famous northeastern per kilo Mangai, which leaves more than 130 original recipes available to customers daily for lunch or dinner.

Praia da Pipa is one of the most well-known beaches in the city, and is among the best beaches in Natal, with transparent waters and a calm sea, with temperatures that reach the warm. Let’s start at Ponta Negra, where Morro do Careca is located, a dune that today is considered one of the tourist spots of the city, with about a hundred and twenty meters. Beautiful, with calm waters and great tourist structure, it may be the option of a day trip from Natal, as there are vans leaving daily, at various times, from Ponta Negra.

In addition, its natural beauty is known worldwide, with coconut trees, deserted beaches and options for couples, such as Praia do Amor, families or young people looking to have fun, with excitement until dawn. One of the main tours for those who are visiting Natal. The region has a good structure and ports, from where tours leave for other beaches in the vicinity and also for the galleys, which are on the high seas.

However, if you are looking for something more refined for couples and arguably better in this category, you cannot miss Manary Gastronomia & Arte, which is inside the Hotel Manary, which is a Lodge classified as a Charm and unique Christmas tour, in a nutshell. that describe this very special place.

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