Discover the cities of Canela and Gramado (RS)

Canela is a city in the state of Rio Grande do Sul The inhabitants are called canelenses. Discover snowland, mini mundo park, black lake, some 3 restaurants, chocolate houses, gazebo and, if possible, a stroll in maria smoke. This whole mix is ​​reflected by the beautiful cafes, charming shops, chocolate houses, restaurants, breweries, sidewalks and flower beds in the center of Gramado, more precisely on Rua Borges de Medeiros, the city’s main avenue.

Close to the glamorous and surprising Gramado, Parque do Caracol or Parque Estadual do Caracol (in Canela, RS) is the guardian of the largest waterfall in Rio Grande do Sul and one of the biggest tourist spots in southern Brazil.

It was there that we found the Brocker Turismo store ”and it was with them that we made our way from the state capital to the mountains. The cities of Gramado and Canela are located in the mountainous region of Rio Grande do Sul, just over one hundred km from the capital Porto Alegre. The tip for the third day is to visit attractions farther from the center of Gramado, starting at the zoo, passing by the winery (if you are interested in wines) and enjoying the rest of the day in the snow park.

With the convenience, comfort and satisfaction of tourists in mind, a bus tour in the best international style is about BusTour. Another place that must be visited is Canion do Itaimbezinho One of the most beautiful places in the South of the Country, Canion do Itaimbezinho – located within the Aparados da Serra National Park – in the city of Cambará do Sul (RS) is also indispensable for those who are trip through the Serra Gaúchas.

For those who choose the bus, the Gramado bus station has lines that connect it to other municipalities in Rio Grande do Sul and also to cities in other states, but depending on your city of origin, it may be necessary to go to Porto Alegre and then take a second bus . To finish this tour in Gramado and Canela, see below a map with the location of all tourist attractions mentioned in this text.

After the waterfall, you can cross the city to visit Alpen Park, a small amusement park entitled to a roller coaster, zip lines, mountain sled, 4D cinema, tree climbing, quads, viewpoint overlooking the valley, among other attractions. You can book a few days to visit the cities of Caxias do Sul and Bento Gonçalves, region of wineries.

These double-decker tour buses operate in a hop-on hop-off scheme, very common outside Brazil, offering you, above all, mobility and comfort to discover all the tourist attractions of the Gramado and Canela region. At night, we suggest attending the Gift of Lighting of Lights, a ceremony of sounds and synchronized lighting effects of the big Christmas tree in the center of Gramado (free admission).

In Gramado, GJP has some strategic hotels like Wish Serrano and Prodigy. At the same time, the Laghetto chain has numerous options in the city. There are three days to do Gramado and Canela de Carro. There are also tourist buses, such as Fumacinha Turismo or Bus Tour, which are circulating between one attraction and another. Restaurants and candies factories usually have a free shuttle to take their customers to their establishments, but the car offers independence and will take you anywhere.

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