Discover the Island of Fernando de Noronha and its Wonders

Imagine spending your holidays in harmony with nature, enjoying a landscape with crystal clear waters, golden sand and lush rock formations. Even if you still don’t know where Fernando de Noronha is, be sure that this scenario exists and he is on this island!

Fernando de Noronha is the ideal place to create exciting memories alongside special people, be it a dear family member, friends or your love. The island stands out so much for its natural beauty that it received the nickname of Brazilian Caribbean, and its charming rustic structure is able to enchant tourists from all over the world.

Since the discovery of Brazil, there have been many disputes over the territory where Fernando de Noronha is located. The archipelago has already been invaded by the French, Dutch and English. It even served as a prison and advanced war base for Brazil, but in 1988 it was returned to the Pernambuco administration and to this day it is the state district of Pernambuco.

The set of Noronha islands is located in the Atlantic Ocean. Thus, the archipelago is located 543 kilometers from Recife, the capital of Pernambuco. Natal, the capital of Rio Grande do Norte, is 360 kilometers away.

Because it is considered a state district, it does not have a capital. However, there is no room for these formalities, since, of the 21 islands that make up this archipelago, only the largest is inhabited. Altogether there are 26 square kilometers, including the main island and the other islets and rocks in the region.

Also called Fernando de Noronha, the main island of this archipelago is 17 square kilometers long and 545 kilometers off the coast. In it is located the village called Vila dos Rem├ędios, which is relatively small.

Recreational diving and tourism promote the beaches of Fernando de Noronha. Diving at depths of 30 to 40 meters does not require special clothing to do so, due to the South Equatorial Current, which pushes hot water from Africa to the island. There is also the possibility of taking an advanced dive and visiting the Corvette Ipiranga near the island, which was intentionally sunk at that point, after a navigation accident, and rests at 62 meters deep.

Understand how to get to the Island

Precisely because it is a paradise island and with environmental protection, there are few means of transport to reach Fernando de Noronha. If you want to plan a trip, know that one of the ways is to arrive by plane and there are daily flights to the island. However, be aware that flights leave exclusively from Natal (capital of Rio Grande do Norte) and Recife (capital of Pernambuco).

So if you don’t live in any of these cities, the only way is to choose which of the two will be your embarkation point or ticket to the island. It is likely that your trip will be longer and will have to pass through other regions of the country. If you can’t get a stopover in Natal or Recife, you can take the opportunity to visit these two capitals, which are two traditional tourist spots in the Northeast.

In addition, the only airlines operating on the island are Azul and Gol. Flights departing from Recife are about 1h20min long and can be either Gol or Azul. The flights that leave Natal last an average of 1 hour and are offered only by Azul.

But, if you like or want to live the experience of traveling to this paradise on a cruise, there are options from all over the world that visit the island between October and February and, even, if you want to venture out, there are sailboats that depart from Recife with destination The island.

Get ready, too, for an inexpensive trip. Most inns on the island have little comfort and high prices, as well as the most basic dishes in restaurants, and the environmental and National Marine Park fees also increase this bill.

But that’s not what you’ll remember when you get on the plane when you get home. The beaches, dolphins and turtles and the sunset will be able to guarantee a return with a taste of wanting more.

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