Discover The Main Beaches Of Balneário Camboriú

On the border between Balneário Camboriú and neighboring Itajaí, Praia Brava is definitely one of the most popular in Brazil. Famous as Neymar and Gabriel Medina, among many others, have already attended native, which is known not only for the excellent waves for surfing, but also for some of the best ballads in the country. Interpraias is the highway that connects 6 of the 9 beaches in the south of Balneário Camboriú.

Another quieter location in the middle of the bustle of Balneário is Taquaras Beach. With a beautiful transparent sea and about 1 km of sand, it has more structure than Estaleiro, mainly with bars and restaurants specializing in seafood. It is 12 km from the center and is 1050 meters long. The highway to the beaches of Balneário Camboriú is winding, full of curves and steep hills, with speed controllers in some points.

And Barra Sul presents some more options of famous nightclubs in the region for those who like nightlife. It is very close to the Morro do Careca Tourist Complex, an excellent option to complete the tour when you go there. Alto do Monte, with more than 100 meters high, is a point of hang gliding and paragliding, which can be seen all the time flying in the sky for those at Praia dos Amores.

Before Estaleirinho, towards the south of the city, comes Praia do Estaleiro, 17 km from the center Even more reserved, there is practically no structure, with few clubs and restaurants serving the visitors who arrive there. Always full of fishermen, it is not the most suitable for swimming because it is a tumble sea, of those that abruptly increases in depth as soon as you enter the water.

In addition to visiting it by car through the Inter Praias Highway, it is also possible to get there with a beautiful cable car crossing to see the wonders of the region’s nature from above. It leaves Barra Sul, in Central, and stops at Mata Atlântica Station, at the top of a hill, before heading there. Or there is the option of going on schooner tours, which also start from Barra Sul, to observe everything from the sea point of view.

South-north direction (sea side) offers some refuges where you can park to photograph and enjoy the beautiful views of the beaches. Although the municipality of Balneário Camboriú is quite small, its coastline has 9 beaches. Praia Central, with its Avenida Atlântica full of hotels and huge residential buildings, is unfortunately not the most recommended for swimming.

Although the many bars, parties and nightclubs attract people from all corners, it is really the beaches that guarantee great national prominence in the city when it comes to tourism. And, just thinking about it, the City Hall created a road linking Praia Central to Praia das Orange trees and others further south, leaving the shopping center. A small cove surrounded by greenery, offered by the Atlantic Forest, and located just 6 km from the center of Balneário.

Hidden among the slopes of the Atlantic Forest, it maintains its original features, with a sea of ​​clear blue waters, large waves, thick sand and preserved vegetation. And it helps a lot the countless options of restaurants, bars and pubs in Atlântica, always attracting young people and families without discrimination. Despite the relative isolation, there tourists find a good structure of bars and restaurants, usually with affordable prices, to enjoy a whole day on the beach without major concerns.

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