Enjoying João Pessoa in Paraíba

João Pessoa already has 6,455 thousand points of public lighting in LED. trendy ibis has won a simpler competitor on the same block, The next corner has a basic Dodge popping again, Nord Simple Imperial Suites The last block on the beach has the best novelty of the hotel from Pessoa, elegant Cabo Branco Atlântico hotel next door, Nord Class Cabo Branco , it has the same size as Cabo Branco Atlântico, but much less glamor.

Praia de Tambaú, It is a typical urban beach that is good for those who like waves, It is good to stay in Tambaú for those who like to enjoy the night, because the night is very busy with several options of bars with live music. Cabo Branco is certainly the Brazilian urban beach (with bathing capacity!) That offers the best cost-benefit ratio for staying along the seaside avenue.

Bessa, João Pessoa, João Pessoa, State of Paraí the kitchen. 100% flat route, athlete will visit the beaches of Cabo Branco, Tambaú, Manaíra, Bessa and Intermares (Cabedelo-PB), considered the fastest half marathon in Brazil. A supermarket that is under construction in the Bessa neighborhood, East Zone of Joà £ Pessoa, has opened a selection to hire employees.

House with four bedrooms, two suites, loose, swimming pool, 400 meters from Bessa beach, close to the market, pharmacy. In the sand, good taste is also present: the chairs for rent have an aluminum structure and a nylon seat, which makes the beach extremely, with a pun, personable. Unlike neighboring beaches, this one does not have a large structure or variety of bars and tents, with few commercial establishments close to the sand.

Also consider Village João Pessoa, which is four blocks from the beach, on the avenue that divides Cabo Branco from Tambaú, but which makes up for the distance with spacious apartments and a spectacular breakfast. João Pessoa and Cabedelo have calm beaches (most of them), have wave beaches (Intermares), and have year round bathing (only Manaíra, where no people would stretch the canga, is usually inappropriate).

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That is to say: technically some of these beaches are in neighboring Cabedelo, but running through the streets parallel to the sea you don’t understand where one city ends and where the other begins. Without a doubt, the best beach in PB, white sand, calm sea, good tents on the beach, but there is a lack of hotels on the shore. In addition to Praia do Bessa, the company Caribessa makes trips on Cabedelo beach (sunset at Jacaré) and on the Sanhauá River (east region).

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