Guarapari – Beaches, Waterfalls and Stories

Certainly one of the most sought after destinations in Espírito Santo, Guarapari has around 50 beaches, most with calm and clear waters, and offers historical and cultural attractions. Not surprisingly, Areia Preta Beach is very popular with the elderly. One of the highlights is Praia dos Padres with very calm waters, several palm trees, which looks like a paradise hidden in Guarapari.

Castanheiras beach is located in the central region of Guarapari, and for this reason it is one of the most coveted, known and frequented. The Vermelha beach is one of the smallest in Guarapari, since it is only 20 meters long, and is located in the Municipal Park of Morro da Pescaria.

Beach with a small strip of sand and many young people playing sports, Praia da Areia Preta got its name due to its formation with monazitic sands. It is in front of Areia Preta beach and on weekends there is a fair with handicrafts and souvenirs. It is located about 6 km from the city center, and despite this, it is very popular with all tourists due to its lush landscape.

The large amount of monazite in the sands of the beach causes them to become dark in color, hence the name Areia Preta beach. It is during the high season, especially in the summer, that this beach is filled with tourists. Located about 9 km from the city center, Praia de Meaípe is located in a fishing village, and is considered one of the best in Guarapari, especially with regard to its natural landscapes.

In high season the beach is filled with tourists and residents looking to have fun, get to know the marine life and marvel at the native landscapes. Include in your travel itinerary along the coast of Espírito Santo any of those that are the best beaches in Guarapari. On Bacutia beach there is a good structure for receiving visitors, in which we find hotels and inns, restaurants and bars, kiosks and much more.

the sea is practically without waves, and its waters are clear, where children can play at will, and ecotourists delight in the naturalness of the place. When I visited the beaches of Guarapari I did not imagine that it had such a large structure with several hotels and many restaurants, partying and a lot of excitement, even Balneário Camboriú in Santa Catarina reminded me During the summer the prices go up a lot, so book everything in advance or stay on nearby smaller beaches like Anchieta and Iriri.

With several km long, which makes Praia do Morro one of the most extensive in Guarapari, it is also one of the best due to the wonders of the place. The sands of Praia das Castanheiras are also dark in color due to the large amount of monazite. Further south there are several beaches with a long strip of sand, little structure and which recommend visiting during summer when there is more movement such as Praia do Riacho and Enseada Azul.

This beach is at the very end of Praia das Castanheiras with a small strip of sand, reefs and rocks. Small and full of rocks and reefs that form natural pools, it is in the central part of the city and has very calm waters for bathers. This beach is small in extension, and has a very calm sea, but despite this, it is considered one of the best in Guarapari, as well as in the entire coast of Espírito Santo.

guarapari Espírito Santo beaches
The sea has a greenish color and its waters are clear, and reefs and rock formations are found throughout the region, creating natural pools. In this article I speak of some more urban Guarapari beaches ”near the center and which are very blue in color. Virtudes beach is one of the best beaches in Guarapari, especially for those looking for a more hectic life, and a sea with strong waves.

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