Knowing Ilha do Mel in Paraná

Getting to Ilha do Mel is very easy. Boats from Pontal do Paraná, Pontal do Sul resort: daily from 8 am to 7 pm (every 30 minutes). Consult available vacancies at the Pontal do Paraná terminal by calling (41) 3455-1444. BR 277 and PR 407 (Pontal do Paraná) then by PR 412 to the spa of Pontal do Sul. Visitor registration is mandatory and must be done at the boarding terminals of Pontal do Paraná or Paranaguá.

pictures of mel island in paraná
Located on the Paranaguá Bay road, at 25 degrees of latitude, with a surface area of ​​2,762ha at a perimeter of approximately 35 km, Ilha do Mel consists of two clearly defined areas, joined by a 150m wide isthmus in its narrowest point. Encantadas, Brasília, Limoeiro, Cassual, Fortaleza, Farol, Grande, Miguel, Fora, Belo and Ponta Oeste.

Most are wild, framed by the Atlantic Forest and with unique characteristics – Fortaleza is practically deserted, while Encantadas is a point for young people and Praia Grande offers the best waves for surfing. The group is spread between the two villages – Nova Brasília and Encantadas – that shelter camps, inns for different styles and homemade seafood restaurants.

The island of Mel is a very important tourist spot in the state of Paraná Many people consider that the island has the best beaches in the state. Departing from Nova Brasília, one of the most beautiful and famous trails leads to Fort Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres, erected in the 18th century on the sands of Fortaleza beach. The northern area, more extensive, is called a sandbank plain, with mangroves, streams and lagoons, and is surrounded by beaches facing the sea inside the Paranaguá Bay.

The population of the island is distributed among some small villages: Encantadas, Nova Brasília, Farol, Praia Grande and Fortaleza. Its main attractions are Farol das Conchas, Fortaleza Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres and Gruta das Encantadas. Gruta das Encantadas – In the most isolated part of the island, this grotto was excavated by the action of the sea in a vein of black rock called diabase, less resistant than the rock of the hill (migmatite).

The smaller area, to the south, is characterized by the presence of six elevations, the highest of which Bento Alves hill measures 160m in height, and the indentation of the beaches open to the ocean. The island is famous for its natural beauty, numerous beaches and, for having more than ninety five% of its territory protected by federal environmental legislation and classified as an ecological reserve.

The return can be on foot or by regular boat, leaving the village of Encantadas until disembarking in Nova Brasilia to arrive at Pousadinha again. Casa da Ilha do Mel is a charming inn located in Ilha do Mel, Paranaguá, Paraná, Brazil.

The island has 25 kilometers of beautiful beaches, deserted or with little urbanization. access control enables better administration of the island, allows control of the flow of tourists and the identification of the visitor’s profile.

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