Praia da Pipa RN – Travel Tips and Itinerary

Praia da Pipa, in Rio Grande do Norte, is the perfect destination for those looking for sunny days, natural beauty, crystal-clear beaches, adventure and partying. Praia da Pipa is the main seaside resort on the southern coast of the state of Rio Grande do Norte.

From Tibau do Sul you will see the access sign to Pipa. Pipa Lagoa Resort is located in front of the Guaraíras lagoon, just 8 minutes from the center of the town of Pipa, and was designed to offer comfort, privacy, leisure and sophistication to its guests, in addition to being integrated into a pure lush landscape, where you can enjoy a unique view.

This beach is super famous, but when you get there you are faced with a deserted beach where there is no beach service, just a restaurant from where access to the beach is by a long staircase, either you see the beach or you eat because you snack the seashore doesn’t. There is and if you go to Natal do not buy the tour packages because you will spend most of the time on the bus or kicking, and the beach is good, you stay a maximum of 2 hours.

From there depart the main boat trips through the region. I was at the beautiful Pipa beach in Rio Grande do Norte, taking advantage of a travel website promotion. A photo stop at Chapadão is usually part of buggy excursions along the region’s beaches. Praia do amor is an open sea beach and the best for those who go to Pipa after surfing, with its strong waves and rough sea.

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Consult the tide table (I always consult the complete Navy website) to make your trips, as both the condition for bathing on the beaches (and access to some of them) and the landscape change a lot due to this. Panoramic view of Pipa Beach. The most international of the beaches of Rio Grande do Norte, Pipa, is one of the 5 most visited destinations in the State and certainly one of the most famous beaches in Northeast Brazil.

If you have little time in the city and want to visit as many beaches as possible, there are several buggies offering service on the main street, Avenida Baía dos Golfinhos. A good pousada, a pleasant place with lots of green around the chalets, but I have 02 restrictions: the first one is in relation to the location, it is not difficult to access but it is far from the center in a very deserted native and those who do not have their own car stay bad locomotion at night.

Located in the municipality of Tibau do Sul, the beach is about eighty km from the capital. If you are researching how to get to Pipa it is because you already know all the qualities of the most famous beach in the municipality of Tibau do Sul. A park open from 8 am to 5 pm that offers ecological trails, preservation of the native Atlantic forest and viewpoints to contemplate the beautiful beaches and cliffs in the Pipa region.

An ecological paradise, Pipa beach is located eighty km from Natal which is the capital of Rio Grande do Norte. Those who prefer a quieter place can walk, at low tide, to Curral beach (Baía dos Golfinhos). Certainly Baía dos Golfinhos is one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. If you are ever going to visit Praia do Amor viewpoint, it is a very similar tour and in this case it is not necessary.

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