The Best Beaches In São Miguel Do Gostoso

Those looking for beautiful beaches in a rustic and cozy setting, need to visit São Miguel do Gostoso. It is not today that the coast of Rio Grande do Norte has been explored in every corner by national tourism. The region is known as Costa das Dunas, and you can imagine the wonders of the coastal region of this small town of 10,000 inhabitants.

The distance to walk is long, as it is approximately 9 km from the most central beaches in the village. São Miguel do Gostoso is already well known in the Brazilian tourist scene, and it is not without reasons. The beaches are the biggest highlight of São Miguel do Gostoso, with options of all types, for all tastes, and that is why they are so sought after by travelers in search of a vacation getaway to rest.

Almost deserted, it is one of the most unexplored beaches there. Still, there are restaurants and tents, but no inns or other accommodation. That’s right, one of the highlights of the region is riding to Arraial do Marco, very beautiful and isolated, with a very pleasant rustic atmosphere. With its rustic atmosphere, but also often famous for its recent fame, São Miguel do Gostoso is a large cove divided into several beaches, all close to each other.

With easy access and good structure, it is a great option to spend your days on the sand, enjoying the sea, without leaving the place where you are staying – many inns are in the nearby region. highlight of Cardeiro beach is the lagoon that is close to the sea, guaranteeing a breathtaking landscape – and that gains in volume when the rains increase, reaching the ocean and joining it.

Neighboring municipality is two hours from Bugue through the dunes of the coast of Natal in a ride full of adrenaline and beautiful scenery. Because it is right on the curve ”of the coast of the state and Brazil, the winds are strong and attract practitioners of sports such as surfing, windsurfing and kite surfing. The last of the urban beaches of São Miguel do Gostoso, Maceió is a 15 minute walk to the left from Praia da Xêpa, in the tourist center.

Its nearby region is also well structured and full of shopping options, mainly inns, restaurants and bars. Its name is due to a landmark of Portuguese colonization placed in the native on the first expedition to the coast of what is now Rio Grande do Norte, in 1501. The region still has a good offer of cozy inns and options of bars and restaurants, although it is no longer even have movement from other neighbors more frequented.

Between the dunes and cliffs, you still have the fantastic view of the sea next to you until you reach the small village, which has warm, calm waters and is smaller and quieter than São Miguel do Gostoso. Also known only as Marco beach, it is even more distant, passing through Tourinhos, and almost an hour’s drive from the center of São Miguel do Gostoso.

Xêpa beach is the most central of São Miguel do Gostoso, located right in the area that is considered the tourist center of the village. Interestingly, it received Brazilian military troops during the Second World War and its name is given because soldiers called meals the time of the xêpa ”. And even close to the urban area of ​​the capital Natal it is possible to find hidden havens perfect for traveling and getting in touch with nature while relaxing a lot with sun and sea.

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