The best beaches in Ubatuba – SP

Ubatuba is a city on the north coast of São Paulo that borders Rio de Janeiro. It is a city of clean beach, with a wide strip of sand and good tourist infrastructure, with kiosks on the sand and tourism companies for kayak trips, SUP and other water sports. From the road to Praia da Fortaleza you can see Praia Brava, one of the most beautiful and peaceful beaches in Ubatuba. It is the most beautiful beach in the south-center of Ubatuba. Pontal is not as recommended for swimming, as the other beaches on this list, but it is a great stop for lunch.

ubatuba sp porpoises beach
Praia Vermelha do Norte is located on the north coast of Ubatuba, between the beaches of Perequê and Alto. In addition, we have selected beaches also very close to the historic center that you can access on foot. There are so many beaches that it is impossible to visit them all in a single summer. With a spa standing, Ubatuba has more than 102 beaches, some islands and is crossed by 16 rivers and streams, which make it a nature paradise.

ubatuba sp beaches
It is a good opportunity to get to know the beaches of the literal north of São Paulo. It is possible to rent a small boat at Largo de Santa Rita (near the Church of Santa Rita, no mistake!) And near the port, and customize your tour according to the time and what you really intend to do (stay in the high seas, dive , visit a specific beach). Almost on the border of Paraty, Camburi Beach is the last on the north coast of Ubatuba.

The sequence is a mixture of beaches from Ubatuba from the south coast towards Rio. From São Paulo, passing Maresias, come the city of Caraguatatuba and then Ubatuba, with extensive coastline, there are the beaches of the South and the beaches of the North, the latter closer to Rio de Janeiro (RJ). Regional tourism is encouraged and the city faced real estate speculation, losing much of its historical heritage, but preserves the beauty of its beaches intact.

Pontal: Pontal beach, along with Jabaquara beach, is part of the beaches closest to the historic center. Like Paraty, Ubatuba has beaches with easy access and beaches that can be reached by trail or boat. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Ubatuba. We have two ways of accessing Paraty, by bus and car, so in this time publishing must-see tips for anyone who wants to know how to get around the best beaches.

ubatuba sp porpoises beach
Lagoinha is the first cool beach in the south of Ubatuba. In fact, during summer the inspection increases and one tip is to buy some Zona Azul cards in the center of Ubatuba. Praia Brava is one of the most beautiful in Ubatuba. We took a car trip along the São Paulo coast in search of the most beautiful beaches in SP. We have already presented the beaches of Bertioga, São Sebastião and Ilhabela.

Unlike the islands and beaches we mentioned to visit on boat trips around Paraty, Ilha do Araújo is an opportunity to learn more about native culture. In this way, it democratically unites families and surfer looking for the beach, which is very close to the Center of Ubatuba.

Praia Grande, in Ubatuba, is very busy. Praia da Fortaleza is one of the beaches with the most difficult access, but it is possible to go by car on a paved road in poor conditions and many curves. Jabaquara: Jabaquara beach is one of the beaches that are within the bay of Paraty.

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