The Wonders of Lagoa Santa

When it comes to hot springs, the state of Goiás is a reference on the subject. The only advantage of staying at Lodge Thermas Lagoa Santa is the fact that Lagoa is within the complex of this lodge, which facilitates your comings and goings to the lagoon, in addition to the fact that you do not have to pay to enter the lagoon, you can also stay after 6 pm and if you want, take a bath in the lagoon before 9 am (after that time, people who are not staying at the hotel are allowed to enter).

About 360 km away from Goiânia, the city of Lagoa Santa is recognized by the huge natural lagoon with crystal clear thermal waters. After all, it is home to the world’s only warm water river, with temperatures ranging from 26ºC to 47ºC. Chapada dos Veadeiros is located in the municipality of Alto Paraíso, and is well known for its National Park, a huge area of ​​environmental preservation, with dozens of waterfalls, stone walls and crystal clear rivers.

The waters of these hot springs reach a temperature of 30 ºC. After all, it has numerous hot springs, as well as numerous hotels, resorts and the Serra de Caldas Novas State Park. Lagoa Santa in Goiás is a fantastic place to spend a few days. There are several options and much more affordable than the mentioned lodge. Surrounded by incredible vegetation, the waters of the lagoon have an average temperature of 31 ºC.

In addition, the neighboring city is Rio Quente, where you will find better with warm waters. It was in the Municipality of Rio Quente that all the passion for hot waters began. Nature was very generous with Lagoa Santa in GO., It is a real fish nursery and has crystal clear water, the waters were warmer, but still retain all their charm and today it is warm.

Protecting the natural wealth of our Cerrado, Rio Quente has an infrastructure capable of using the region’s hot springs to supply all its attractions. In addition to visiting the world’s only hot water river, here, you can have fun in several pools, saunas, hot tubs, showers and naturally hot water springs.

I had read that it was difficult to reach the native due to the lack of signposts, so I inform you that it is now easier, there are signs indicating the direction from the highway that goes from Belo Horizonte to there. You pay R $ 15.00 and watch a video of the region, visit a cultural space with a guide who then takes us to visit the cave, which is spectacular.

It is in this city, located at the base of the Serra de Caldas Novas, that Rio Quente resorts are located, one of the best guesthouses in all of Brazil, not to mention, of course, the incredible Sizzling Park. In addition, it is possible to relax in this lagoon, or enjoy springs and other hot springs in the region.

When it rains, the water enters the soil and penetrates a great depth, being heated by the temperature inside the earth. Now if you plan to stay from 9 am to 6 pm at the lagoon (which I think is enough), I recommend staying at hotels or inns in the peaceful municipality of Lagoa Santa.

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