Trip To Gramado, Year Round Tourism

Attractions in Gramado and Canela are definitely one of the things that are not lacking, it will probably be missing time for you to do all the tours you want. Next to Expo Gramado, there is a small playground that is another option to do in this city.

When we think of Brazilian destinations that do not involve beaches, our brand thinking goes to some of the most iconic cities in the South Region, Gramado. For those who have yet another day in the city, you can visit other attractions, such as Santa Claus Village, Wax Museum, Tremendous Cars and Hollywood Dream Cars.

Mandatory on any route in Serra Gaúcha, take that little walk through downtown Gramado to admire the native architecture, shop windows and the pleasure of watching cars stop when crossing the street. And when you think about that region, the emblem of Gramado comes to mind, which has a good structure of hotels, inns and restaurants, as well as tour options that cater to couples and families.

Major Nicoletti Square gathers galleries with several shopping options in Gramado, including the delicious candies of the region and clothes produced by local knitting shops. As it rains a lot in Gramado and most of the programs are open, leave the captain’s Wax Museum and Frozen World for those days. Search a lot at all Gramado car rental companies to find the best price.

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Everything in Gramado is very neat, with flower gardens all year round, so it’s worth stopping to admire the porches at the entrance to the city (and take that naughty photo for Instagram), squares, the Church of São Pedro, the Fonte do Amor, Rua das Flores and many other charming corners. Undoubtedly, visiting destinations such as Gramado and Canela with the family are excellent options for those who like to go on recreational and fun activities for the little ones.

A lot of people think that Maria Smoke tour in the Serra Gaúcha leaves Gramado, but, in fact, leaves Bento Gonçalves, passes through Garibaldi and goes to Carlos Barbosa. Going back to the center a few blocks away, visitors can visit Lago Joaquina Rita Bier, where there is a show of Natal Luz de Gramado. our tour in Gramado and Canela actually starts in Porto Alegre.

If you already knew all the attractions of Gramado and still have a few days free, perhaps this park is a good option. After the test-in and lunch, it is worth starting your tour in Gramado and Canela on Avenida Borges de Medeiros, one of the most famous in the region. BusTour is a municipal line that runs through the most important postcards and attractions in the region, you can get to know the main tourist attractions of Gramado and Canela in a double deck vehicle with an opening on the upper floor – offering a panoramic view of the Serra Gaúcha.

A good idea is to rent a car in Gramado to visit this other jewel of the region Among the many attractions of the Serra Gaúcha, one of the most famous is the Cascata do Caracol in Canela. In Gramado, a car is very useful, since the attractions are scattered, besides the possibility of going to Canela whenever you want. Lago Negro is one of the free attractions of the city of Gramado and one of the most exciting.

what to do in lawn in 3 days
Now that you’ve seen what to do at night in Gramado, know that renting a car is a great option to make the most of your trip, even if where you are staying in Gramado is a well located region. What’s more: Minimundo has its own characters that walk around the park interacting with the children.

Gramado looks like a scenic city. Located in the city of Canela, just 15 minutes from downtown Gramado, it offers several leisure activities, great contact with nature, beautiful architecture and great restaurants and its biggest attraction, for sure, is Cascata do Caracol, with 131 meters of free fall.

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