What to do in Caldas Novas and Rio Quente, in Goiás?

The entire region of Caldas Novas, including the city of Rio Quente, is known, above all, for the sources and sources of hot water. Contrary to what was believed, the thermal waters of the Caldas Novas region are not hot because of an extinct volcano, but because of the natural temperature in the land.

The waters, then heated, return to the surface through fractures of the rocks, and arise in Rio Quente and Lagoa de Pirapitinga, and in Caldas Novas they are pumped into wells, and come out with temperatures between 34 ° C and 58 ° C.

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Those who visit Caldas Novas find much more than its thermal waters. To start, the resort has Hotel Rio Quente Cristal Resort, one of the most refined and sophisticated facilities in the resort. The best for those who want a place reserved to enjoy the best family moments. Lodge offers a hot water pool, restaurants, wet bar and parking, in addition, you will be just 4 km from the entrance to the Rio Quente complex.

If taking baths in ordinary hot water is already tremendous relaxing, bathing in thermal waters is excellent for relieving bodily pain. All of this without concern: Caldas Novas is a city with one of the lowest rates of violence in Brazil. The companies: Naex, Estrela, Paraúna, Alfa Luz, Transcol, União, Nacional Expresso and Expresso Araguari serve in Caldas Novas, with regular routes to the main capitals of the country and numerous cities.

And, so that everyone can enjoy every second of this experience, the facilities have areas open 24 hours a day, such as Hot Water Showers, Tennis Courts and Parque das Fontes, with their pools, showers, saunas and hot tubs, all supplied with water. natural and warm. Caldas Novas is among the largest tourist hubs in Brazil and the largest in the Midwest, and it is no wonder: the city has been awarded with unique natural wealth in the world.

After a relaxing and fun day at the natural hot springs of Caldas Novas, nothing better than enjoying the busy night in the city. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Brazil, Caldas Novas is nationally known for its thermal waters, which make up the largest hydrothermal spring in the world and receive more than four million tourists a year, attracted by the medicinal properties of the thermal pools.

The crater of the supposed volcano that warmed the city’s waters would today be the Serra de Caldas. The most frequently heard explanation is that the thermal waters of Caldas Novas (and neighboring Rio Quente) originate from a volcano (now extinct), which, pressing the waters by gases and heat, causes them to gush through cracks in the stones. As tempting and interesting as the idea of ​​having a volcano here in the Midwest, the truth is that the thermal waters of Caldas have nothing to do with volcanism.

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resort Rio Quente was designed so that people from everywhere could get to know and enjoy the benefits of hot water safely. Just 27 km from Caldas Novas airport, you will find a paradise of the region’s naturally warm waters.

The thermal waters of Goiás exceed 1 km before returning to the surface forming the sources and lakes of the Rio Quente. Well, they are waters heated by a process that takes place inside the land in certain regions, such as the Serra de Caldas Novas, the largest source of thermal waters in the world. Although the scientific explanation is much less pompous than the myth that was created about the Caldas Novas volcano, the fact is that the thermal pools of Caldas and Rio Quente are a mandatory tourist destination in Goiás (and Brazil).

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